3 thoughts on “Buddies

  1. Hi, Rose! My name is Enzo. I have rather personal question for you… It’s very important for me and I don’t know whom to address this question. My question is simple:
    – Do WordPress employees use aliases when responding to clients? I’ve received an email from someone in WordPress, but when I called WordPress they said that there is no one under that name. So I’m wondering if, because of the nature of their employment, they use aliases. Kinda like J.K. Rowling using different name for her next book. Or like celebrities using aliases when book hotel rooms etc.

    I’d be appreciated if you could help me with an answer to my question.

    Thank you!!!

  2. By the way, your buddies are cute. I have a Golden Retriever, and my daughter has a Havanese. They get along quite fine, only sometimes the little one tend to bully the bigger one kkk.

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