This is me. I work for Automattic. I am in grad school pursuing an MBA. I live in San Francisco Denver but I am often somewhere else. I’m difficult. I’m also very thoughtful and kind. Depends on the moment. This site is a collection moments.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Rose, it’s Jacob, the Puertorican from Denver that you met in Wyoming during the 4th of July. Wow, what an explanation!
    So hi you. How’s everything in San Francisco? Did you enjoyed the rest of your vacation? I meant to write earlier, but I was
    still in party mode until like this pass weekend.

    You and your friend were right, Yellowstone park it’s amazing, I wish I had more time to camp and all. We spend 12 hours
    in there, and it was worth it. Just a day after we head back, a man got kill by a Bear. Crazy ah. Yeah so me and my friend
    had a good time, and we enjoyed your company. I told you I was going to write you and I’m a man of my word, ha ha, that
    sounded like the Joker in Batman, the movie. Any way Just wanted to know how you guys were, and well, write back if you
    like. Is good to have friends every were. Take care Bella…

    From: Jacob De Leon

  2. Hi Jacob,

    Thanks for your note. Glad you had fun in Yellowstone! We had a great time meeting you and Angel. Glad you made home safely. Ali and I are good. She got a very interesting MMS from Angel the next day! It’s good to be back home but I am ready for another vacation.

    Take care!


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