Salsbury Avenue B&B


After 8 days of national park life, we are staying in a cute 4 bedroom bed and breakfast. Breakfast today included a bacon egg souffle thing, biscuits with sausage gravy and individual cheesy hash brown casseroles. The delicious caloric atom bomb our lovely hosts dropped on the (4th of July themed) breakfast table this morning has me thinking twice about our plans for mexican food and margaritas tonight.

The other guests staying are a father/son from England and 2 dads from Tennessee whose kids are in one of the marching bands in the Cody Stampede Parade today/tomorrow. At the moment we are sitting on the curb in the blazing sun watching the parade. We are 90 minutes in and there’s really no point in leaving because the main street is closed.

2 thoughts on “Salsbury Avenue B&B

    1. they’ll come eventually. it was hard to get good ones on my cell. all pix on this from my Wyoming trip thus far have been from my cell phone only so it’s been limited.

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